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VRelax – Goals CES 2023

VRelax was selected as one of 70 top tech-enterprises to represent NL at the largest technology trade show in the world; CES Las Vegas in January 5-8 2023.

We are reaching out to prospective Licensees and Development partners for our unique Self-Managed Healthcare tool, and scientifically proven VR based treatment method in the US and Europe. Feel free to e-mail us or meet us at booth 62100. We would like to connect with companies like:

  • Local healthcare systems such as HCA Healthcare, Trinity Health and Kaiser Permanente, Baylor Scott & White Health, CommonSpirit Health, etc.
  • Medical device companies like Johnson&Johnson, Medtronics, Stryer, etc.
  • US Healthcare Agencies and HC resaerch Institutes
  • Distributors & Marketing partners to develop US sales
  • Investors with experience in MedTech to realize international aspirations or meet us at booth 62100

What is VRelax

VRelax is a Powerful VR based self-managed healthcare tool to mitigate ever escalating occurrences & costs of stress related disorders using proprietary and scientifically proven VR methodology. VRelax delivers a stress reduction of up to 40% in only 10 mins without medical intervention, relieving stress, improving mental health and reduce healthcare costs.

  • Significant mental healthcare benefits without the need for medical intervention. VRelax is easy to use where or whenever needed at a very low cost to society. It is the e-health solution that politicians and doctors have been dreaming of, brought to reality today.
  • VRelax is scientifically validated. Research has demonstrated a 40% reduction of stress within ten minutes, allowing users to relax and feel happy during the day. Our technology has been developed and tested according to strict scientific standards. We know it works and we have the data to back this up.
  • We offer a unique high-end VR video library combined with interactive exercises to make you relax as fast as possible. The content itself is produced specifically for relaxation purposes.
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