Elly Vos-van Rossum

Coordinating supervisor at Pluryn

I came into contact with VRelax through my employer, Pluryn. They were looking for someone who wanted to try out VRelax for the organization. That’s how my supervisor came to me because I had been home with a nervous breakdown for a while. I received the VR-glasses at home and I put them on right away, curious as to how such virtual glasses would work. I was completely overwhelmed by the images of the dolphins swimming all around me. There was nothing else I had to think about. I was there, deep underwater with only dolphins around me.

It made me emotional, touched by the beauty of the images, the music, but also by the effect this app had on me immediately. I had been looking for relaxation for a while. Meditation, massages, daily walks and mindful exercises, I did it all. With effect too, I still do, but I had to work so hard for it. With the use of these VR-glasses, that was gone. I didn’t have to work hard for relaxation, I didn’t have to do anything but sit down and enjoy the images I was seeing. Deep relaxation followed. After quietly viewing all the images, I chose to first swim with the dolphins daily and then do a muscle relaxation exercise.

This combination caused my stress level to drop. Not only during that moment, but also for longer periods of time after using the glasses. It causes me to go through my days more relaxed, experiencing less stress. But it also makes me feel calmer in my reintegration process. In short, VRelax is a very welcome and valuable addition for me!

Sven Carree

Team leader Operational Centre North Holland control room

I purchased VRelax for the benefit of the employees who can relax with VRelax during or after work. I offered VRelax to one of the employees during his reintegration process. He then gave me feedback on his experiences:

As a Duty Officer in the Operations Center (control room) I am surrounded daily by bells, beeps, pings, conversations and reports that pass by on the screens. It is a place with a lot of stimuli, external noise and many possibilities that demand a lot from my concentration. These are stimuli that I am sensitive to and accumulate throughout the shift. I got into the car home tense with all the risks involved. Getting home was not a pleasant experience at all…. Then I started using the VRelax glasses towards the end of my shift. Just put on the glasses for 10 minutes to 15 minutes and open up and immerse myself. My experience is that I now get in the car and drive home relaxed. So I am sharper in traffic and less high on emotion or over-stimulation. That benefits everyone. For me, it’s a really good end to a shift and continue to do so! I am a fairly level-headed police officer and therefore not easily susceptible to such solutions but the Vrelax glasses really work and give immediate results after use.

Richard van Nuul

Location manager of large restaurant chain

I run several locations of a well-run restaurant chain and have long been suffering from surge symptoms due to understaffing in the operation. My absence causes the operation to go haywire, and other forces within the restaurant facility to suffer as well. The company doctor referred me to a psychologist. To get rid of my complaints, after a few conversations the psychologist recommended the VRelax glasses. At first I didn’t want to hear about it … Just give me some pills so I can go back to work. But I knew I had sunk too low and told myself to try this.

On days when the symptoms get too much for me, I take the glasses. In this way I can reinforce myself mentally without extra hands or intervention from (for example) a psychologist or coach. According to the psychologist this will probably shorten my treatment period considerably and reduce the chance of (new) absence. It’s a nice bonus because I’m a work-a-holic and not being able to work for a long time does something to me mentally. I am now able to find the right energy again and am surprised by what the VRelax goggles can do. I was in the workplace briefly the other day and of course people knew about my situation. I was just suddenly gone and replaced while people know me to be a fighter…. But to my surprise I immediately got a big hug. My situation was just 100% accepted and before we knew it everyone was wearing VRelax glasses. Funny to then find out how many colleagues might be able to use this too….