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Instruction Guide

All questions about hygiene, indications, login procedure, starting up the VR glasses and much more are described here


V3 Update step-by-step plan

Switch to our latest VR app version as soon as possible



A bit of in-depth information about VRelax. All background, vision on healthcare, and insight into our team and our approach.


How do I perform the latest update?

The VRelax administrator within your organization has received an email to activate your account. You can easily activate your account in our new dashboard via this email. After this you can update the VRelax app on the VR glasses and log in with your new account details. Download the step-by-step plan above to update to the latest version of the app. If you can't figure it out, feel free to call 050-2110142 or send an email to

How do I connect to the internet on the VR glasses?

1. Press the PICO button once. If the VRelax app starts up immediately afterwards, the glasses are in KIOSK mode. Then go to point 4.
2. In the main menu of the VR glasses (so not the VRelax app), move the dot with your head to the WIFI icon (WLAN) at the bottom left of the menu bar. Press the selection button (right side of VR glasses) with your finger.
3. Select your WIFI network in the same way and enter the login details to connect. You are now connected!
4. Briefly press the PICO button twice to open the KIOSK menu. Move the dot with your head to Settings and press the selection button with your finger (right side of VR glasses). In the same way, select your WIFI network and enter the login details to connect. You are now connected!

If you can't figure it out, feel free to call 050-2110142 or send an email to

How do I create a Pico account?

To be able to update you need a PICO account. You can do this one here create. Keep your PICO data safe, because you need it to log in to the PICO store on the VR glasses.

When will there be new images?

Our crew is working daily to create new images and improve existing worlds. To keep the peace in the app, we limit these types of updates and new videos to a few times a year. Within our licensing model you are entitled to all additional content we create and we will certainly let you know if there is any news. So for now, relax and we'll keep you posted!

Downloading new worlds sometimes takes quite a long time. How can I do this conveniently?

Downloading new worlds can sometimes take a while because the VR glasses have to download large files to guarantee you the best quality image. Take off the goggles and cover the sensor between the two lenses with a piece of paper. This ensures that the glasses remain on during the download. This way the glasses do the job and you can do something else!

Where can I find exercises like the breathing exercise?

All exercises can be found within the themes. For example, the theme 'Dream Forest' contains a breathing exercise, you can play singing bowls at 'Singing Bowls' and you can do muscle relaxation exercises at 'Sunny Mountains'. If you are looking specifically, please send an email to We have a digital overview of all exercises and worlds so you don't have to search!

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