VRelax VR app

VRelax is an app on Virtual Reality glasses. Within the app, people can choose which natural virtual environments they want to experience, with interactive exercises that provide extra relaxation. If you already own suitable VR glasses, you can download our app directly from the App Store and you do not pay for new VR glasses.

  • Pico/Oculus VR glasses + controller (One-time EUR 399,- additional costs)
  • USB adapter + VRelax hard case + instruction booklet
  • License code to access the app (valid for 1 year)
  • Free interim updates
  • Pre-installed hardware (ready to use)

€995 p/y

GRIP viewing app

The GRIP watch app offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to explore virtual worlds together with the patient. For example, it is possible to discuss what the patient sees in the app, and the healthcare professional can control the app if the patient cannot do it himself.

The link between the VR glasses and the GRIP app is simple; When both devices are connected to the internet, the VR user reads out the code displayed in the menu under settings. The person with the GRIP app enters this code and can watch directly with the VR user.

  • Suitable for iOS and Android
  • Easy and intuitive use
  • Tablet must be purchased yourself

€350 p/y


Experience VRelax with measurable results. Our dashboard offers direct insight into the effects of VRelax on the mood of the users. The measured results can be easily shared and discussed. The language and type of images on the VR app can also be managed and adjusted via the dashboard.

  • Insight into biofeedback data and app measurements
  • Create content management and custom content libraries
  • User-level language management
  • Immediately print current reports for consultation
  • Management of roles colleagues and patients
  • Management of VRelax licenses and VR glasses
  • Smart understandable user interface