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The science behind VRelax

We want to make sure that VRelax really works. Scientific research is therefore an important part of VRelax. Wim Veling, psychiatrist and professor at the University Medical Center Groningen, is therefore a partner in VRelax. Together with the team of his Virtual Reality mental health lab, he conducts research into the effect, operation and efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our product.

In addition, many other studies and pilots are underway, all of which show that VRelax is effective time and again. Together with the organizations mentioned below, our team ensures that our product is continuously improved and the mental health of our users is strengthened from validation, co-creation, knowledge sharing, certification, quality and innovation. Download the research into the effect of VRelax below.


Applied effectiveness research in pain
dept. Surgery AMC

Started: 2022
Duration: 24 months

Progress 25%



Applied Efficiency Research
dept. Psychiatry (UCP) UMCG

Started: 2021
Duration: 48 months

Progress 50%



Crossover Randomized Controlled Trial
dept. Psychiatry (UCP) UMCG

Started: 2019
Duration: 24 months





Pilot study large corporate market
Silver Cross

Started: 2021
Duration: 8 months





ZonMw Relaxing with VR for psychiatric illnesses 2020

This project investigates whether VRelax helps to relax, reduce stress and improve sleep. The effect of VRelax on psychological and physical signals of stress, rest and sleep quality will be measured. The effect on psychiatric symptoms, reduction of medication use, quality of life and costs to society is also examined.

King's College London Pilot Study 2020

Research into the use of VR relaxation in clinical/acute admissions departments.

View article

UMCG UCP Pilot 2019

Implementation of VR relaxation in the clinical departments.

NNCZ Elderly Care

Virtual Reality relaxation as a distraction method in elderly people with dementia, restlessness and misunderstood behavior in small-scale residential centers.

UMCG Pilot study 2016

Reducing the impact of stress in patients with psychiatric disorders.

Other studies

Tactus 2022

Use of Vrelax in co-morbid psychiatric problems and substance use disorder. Gaining insight into the effect and applicability of VRelax to support the treatment and to increase the client's possibilities of self-direction within the IBK.

Mentrum 2022

VRelax as a short mental break for healthcare workers.

Hanzeheerd/IJsselheem 2022

VRelax in elderly people with dementia as a distraction method in elderly people with high levels of agitation and stress in conjunction with odor technology.

GGZ Central 2021

VRelax in addiction care, VR relaxation as a distraction method in detox to reduce withdrawal symptoms and as an intervention to regulate negative moods and emotions.

St. Jansdal Hospital 2020

Reduction of fear, stress and unrest among IC employees of the Company Reception Team (BOT)

Tactus Addiction Care 2020

Relaxation/distraction for incarcerated IBK department.

Icarus 2019

Exploration of Virtual Reality in community care/child care. VRelax was used in anxious/stressed children during nursing procedures.

Northern Netherlands Court 2019

Development of lifestyle interventions to promote vitality in employees.

Rijnstate Hospital 2019

VRelax use by professionals/patients of the oncological day treatment for relaxation and stress reduction.

Solar House Group North 2019

Increasing the experience of clients with a high spinal cord injury.

Westerholm Healthcare Center 2018

VRelax applied as an intervention in the elderly with anxiety and restless behaviour.

Princess Maxima Center 2017

Intervention for increasing well-being and distraction during medical technical procedures.

“People with stress and psychological complaints can perform independent interventions at any time with VRelax, reduce their stress complaints and improve mental well-being.”

Prof. dr. Wim Veling, UMCG researcher and psychiatrist and Chief Scientific Officer within VRelax

The facts at a glance

  • 40% less stress within 10 minutes
  • Proven effective against stress, anxiety and burnout
  • Can be used immediately in case of mental overload
  • Proven increase in job satisfaction and productivity
  • Continuously developed with and for the end user
  • Relax in your own safe environment


VRelax attaches great importance to scientifically validated content and the proven effect of the app. That is why several (international) studies are underway into the effects of both the app and the content.

Together with our partners, we continuously improve VRelax based on all user experiences that emerge from all studies. The users and their needs are central to all our research and the further development of our product.

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