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A manifesto for healthcare.

Our current health care system is not sustainable. We keep sticking plasters and don't think preventive enough. This costs society a lot of money. We urgently need to change our vision of healthcare. The will is there, but we hold each other in a (political) stranglehold. That has to change. VRelax does that differently...

We are disruptive, push the boundaries and look for practical solutions to slow down the biggest social problems such as stress, pain and burnout and to make people (mentally) healthier. We break the stigmas surrounding stress. Stress is neither good nor bad. We just need to better understand what stress is and does in our body.

We want fewer pills and more glasses in healthcare. After all, prevention is the best medicine. For VRelax, Virtual Reality is only a tool, it's about what we do with it. We give people back control over their health with the help of this technology. We give them a practical helpline to independently reduce this when experiencing a high level of stress. This reduces the use of medicines, reduces the pressure on healthcare professionals and saves money.

We provide the right care in the right place. We try to meet the demand for care by first listening carefully. In this way we contribute to the prevention of (more expensive) care, and we offer the possibility to organize care close to people. The healthcare sector must embrace innovations more! Conversely, providers of innovative technology must take their service or product seriously. We do too.

VRelax has been developed together with patients, healthcare professionals and clinicians. It offers customization, adds value for end users and is affordable, secure and scalable. This is what healthcare needs now.

VRelax looks at the cause of mental problems. We therefore advocate, among other things, for more amplification in the workplace by creating more positive working environments. This leads to more enthusiasm and energy. Engaged people are often happier, perform better, ensure better cooperation and are absent less.

This is what VRelax strives for with a cooperative and reliable team that focuses on the end user, cares deeply about care and continuously researches and improves its own product based on co-creation. This way we can promise that our product can be widely used and that it removes stress in a safe, sustainable and reliable way.

As a society, we must still be able to provide good care in 2040. We already know that by then there will be too few hands to provide good care. That is why we must now ensure that future-proof care gets off the ground. We must do this together.

That is why VRelax works with health insurers and the government to see at a strategic and national level what is needed to make good healthcare technology accessible. This is a long road, but we continue to fight for a healthier society. We cannot do this alone. But together with you we take on this challenge and we hope to make a significant contribution, to stimulate and stimulate people to think and look differently.

We are VRelax. We help you in the transition to smarter care.

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