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Who is VRelax for?

For anyone who likes to relax. This may be for employees in healthcare or the business community where mental health is compromised. Or for patients/clients in (mental) healthcare. VRelax helps people with stress, pain and anxiety to relax again and is therefore very versatile. We are happy to help you find the right use cases. Look for detailed indications below or in the instruction guide.

  • Stress complaints
  • Burn out
  • Ache
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Agitation/unrest
  • Aggression
  • Pondering
  • Sleep problems
  • Gloom
  • Can't go outside, bedridden
  • Distraction in case of physical discomfort
  • Strict isolation due to medical treatment
  • Quit smoking
  • Withdrawal drugs, alcohol
  • Tapering off medication

Is VRelax also available on my smartphone?

No. To achieve optimal relaxation, the total experience of Virtual Reality is necessary. You need Virtual Reality glasses for that.

Can I also try VRelax for free?

Yes, of course! It is possible for companies and healthcare institutions to try out VRelax free of charge. We are not yet able to offer this for private individuals. Fill in your wish quickly and clearly describe your needs and problem. Then we look together at how VRelax fits within the organization.

Can I also receive training in the use of VRelax?

Yes, of course! When purchasing VRelax, we always help customers on their way to use the technology. It is also possible to organize an implementation training with the entire team.

Does VRelax store user data?

If the VRelax dashboard is used to gain insight into the recovery of a user, we must collect user data. However, this data can never be traced back to a private person, because the data is linked to user codes. Only the customer can make the connection between the user data and the end user.

Is VRelax also available for the Oculus Quest or the Pico?

Yes. VRelax is available cross platform for both Pico and Quest.

Can VRelax also be used at companies?

Yes, about half of our customers already use VRelax for employees, in healthcare, government and business. Several companies have created a VRelax space, where employees can relax. Or employees take VRelax home with them. Work stress is lower and productivity higher thanks to the short mental break. We also conduct extensive research in collaboration with the UMCG and Zilverenkruis into the long term and efficiency.

I want to use VRelax professionally. How can I best do that?

VRelax is used in hospitals, psychology practices, institutions for people with intellectual disabilities, nursing homes, physiotherapy practices, and so on. So very diverse! We provide tailor-made advice on how VRelax can be used in your working environment. We can also provide an implementation process on location.

Who are the people behind VRelax?

Our team is a crazy bunch of creative people with a passion for healthcare and tech innovations. Together with our co-creation partners, we are working hard to make and keep people healthy. We are also supported by the people of Carduso Capital and Triade Investment. Our motto is therefore 'more glasses, fewer pills'.

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