Co-view App

For anyone who wants to relax. VRelax is designed to reduce stress. When you put on your glasses, you will find yourself in beautiful natural surroundings. People who use VRelax indicate that it makes them calm and relaxed. With VRelax you can forget your worries for a while.

No, VRelax has been developed specifically for Virtual Reality purposes. This requires VR glasses.

Yes you can! Mail us at and clearly describe your needs and problems.

Sure! Our sales team will be happy to guide your organization in how VRelax can best be implemented and used on the work floor.

If the VRelax dashboard is used to gain insight into a user’s recovery, we need to collect user data. However, this data can never be traced back to a private person, because the data is linked to user codes. Only a dashboard administrator can make the connection between the user data and the user, by manually comparing the data from the VRelax dashboard with information about this user from another system such as an EPD (Electronic Medical record). Every bit of data is stored on an ISO 27001 certified datacenter in Europe.

Not yet. We expect to have our app ready for the Oculus Quest early 2021 and mid 2021 for the Pico.

Absolutely! Several companies have created a VRelax room, where employees can use VRelax during their break or during worktime. Work stress decreases and productivity increases if you can relax for a few minutes once in a while. We are still investigating whether VRelax can reduce absenteeism and prevent burn-out.

VRelax is used in hospitals, psychology practices, institutions for people with intellectual disabilities, nursing homes, physiotherapy practices, and so on. So very diverse! We give tailor-made advice on how VRelax can be used in your work environment. We can take care of an implementation project on location.

For € 150,- we deliver a hygiene package that consists of:

– a face mask made of vegan leather (easy to wipe)

– 25 cotton disposable masks

– a vegan leather headband (easy to wipe)

– a lens wipe

Our team is an ideal mix of specialists in the field of science/care and media/software. Since 2020 VRelax has attracted investors who believe in what we do. These are Carduso Capital and Triade Investment. More information about our team can be found here.