Experience of a cancer patient

I have metastatic prostate cancer and have been treated. My prognosis now is terminal, palliative phase. I often have a lot of pain. I have a bone metastasis on L2-L4, and a nerve strand to my right leg is pinched as a result. In the meantime, I am under control with a pump with morphine, but for my intestinal function that cash morphine dose is very unfavourable. So, it is very important to me to bring to get pain relief …

I was immediately enthusiastic when I heard about VRelax. I have used the glasses regularly. I like swimming with the dolphins as it was extremely relaxing. Using VRelax for relaxation has a therapeutic effect on me. Thanks to VRelax my situation is a bit better, although I cannot say with certainty that this is entirely due to these glasses. I feel that VRelax can work well at times of short and intense pain experiences.

“Because of the VRelax glasses I felt less alone”

In recent years I have undergone several extremely painful procedures. The most painful were applying a nephrostomy (kidney stoma), bringing two tubes from your back to the kidneys, whereby the kidneys themselves cannot be anesthetized. Luckily, I am rid of that stoma again, but I am always afraid that this procedure will have to be repeated.

Another painful experience was a camera examination of my bladder at a time when that entire area was inflamed and cramped with a lot of tumour growth. It was awful …. I am convinced that VRelax is a blessing in such interventions. I believe in the power of neuroplasticity, and from my experience the effect of VRelax is pain relief.

I feel that I am well balanced as long as I am at home and that meditation and mental practice are effective in handling the pain, in addition to the morphine. When I was admitted to hospital, I would experience it differently… Then VRelax would help me to get into to a healing environment experience, which is not at all a hospital to me. My home is fortunately my healing environment, but that does not apply to everyone.

“I am convinced that VRelax is a blessing in medical interventions”

Meditation (relief from the pain) is also part of my rehabilitation. And I notice that the VRelax gives it an extra dimension; I feel less “alone” in the experience of the VRelax, you are taken into an experience from the outside, while you meditate to get out of yourself.


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