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derivation of VRelax

VRelax in the healthcare sector

VRelax is a scientifically validated relaxation tool that is used in hospitals, mental health institutions, healthcare, LVB, elderly care and youth mental health care. The program has been developed for and by patients and healthcare professionals in response to stress, insomnia, anxiety and sadness or distraction due to physical discomfort and medical interventions.

Users are taken to beautiful virtual worlds that take them out of the maelstrom of thoughts and relax again. This can be done under supervision, but is also very suitable for self-management. In this way, the practitioner has his hands free and therapy can be effectively supported without having to resort to additional medication or intensive supervision. More glasses, less pills.


  • Stress complaints
  • Burn out
  • Gloom
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Agitation/unrest
  • Aggression
  • Pondering
  • Sleep problems
  • Can't go outside, bedridden
  • Distraction in case of physical discomfort
  • Strict isolation due to medical treatment
  • Quit smoking
  • Withdrawal drugs, alcohol
  • Tapering off medication

Wide adoption in the Netherlands

Thanks to our professional service and implementation, many customers make grateful use of VRelax. Our people have a background in healthcare and therefore understand well what it takes to embed an innovative product such as VRelax in existing processes, and to create support among users and practitioners.

VRelax: Evidence Based

  • Direct effect on anxiety, tension and stress
  • Stress reduction of 40% in just 10 minutes
  • Self-management relieves healthcare staff
  • Efficient and cost-effective
  • Developed with patients and healthcare professionals
  • Mental health; preventive and curative

VRelax clearly meets a need and colleagues also like to use it during their breaks. Clients see VRelax as an added value for their treatment. We see not only that the tension decreases, but also the craving for the substance used.

Anja GrannemanNurse Johannesbos Detox

15 minutes of relaxation in virtual nature is exactly what works for me. You transfer yourself to a relaxing world and come to rest. This way you can clear your head and recharge mentally.

Danielle ArendsIC Nurse Deventer HRH

No one can take those glasses away from me! It is a very nice relief in my treatment process. It sounds crazy, but those VR glasses will be your buddy. I have found a structure where I use the glasses every other day at set times. From the chair I now spend an hour in nature.

Mark WallingaCancer patient Radboud UMC

Is VRelax right for you?

Are you interested in how VRelax fits within your organization? Watch the video to see how we help you implement VRelax in the workplace. We find the best approach and we have a lot of experience with these types of processes. So contact us directly or request the free demo. We do the rest!

+31 0 50 211 0142 / [email protected]

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