more glasses,

less pills!

VRelax comes to you!

Our team is hard at work making VRelax available to individuals through the Oculus and Pico app stores. We see the need for private use growing and we are working hard together with health insurers to get this product reimbursed. In the coming year, we will first tailor our apps together with service & support to the needs of private individuals and try to have this available as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we are making numerous new features and a lot of new content available, so that you will not be short of anything for optimal relaxation at home. We also make our stress measurement features (biofeedback) available, so that you can gain full insight into the effects of VRelax on your body and mind via our dashboard.

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VRelax is continuously researching and improving the apps every day. In the run-up to making our apps available to private individuals, we can therefore use your help! Send us a message and sign up to participate in our test groups. This also gives you a say in where we move.

Let your therapist get
familiar with VRelax

Are you currently being treated by a psychologist and would you still like to use VRelax? Then ask your practitioner if the organization would like to contact us. Would you like to share some useful information with your therapist yourself? On our download page you will find a handy overview of all information.