Do you have clients, patients or employees who suffer from stress? For instance due to burn-out, depression, anxiety or painful treatmen? Would you like to experience VRelax for yourself in the working environment?


Request the virtual experience

For our English clients we have developed a virtual demonstration of our services. This should give a good insight into our product and its possibilities. Please fill in the form below to apply for this demonstration and our people will contact you within three days. Together with our talented professionals we will find the right use case to support your practice with VRelax. And you’ll soon be ready to help your patients to relax.

Partner-validated content, demonstrated efficacy

VRelax has been developed in cooperation with patients and healthcare professionals. Various pilots and scientific studies have already proven the effectiveness of our VR glasses with virtual worlds to alleviate stress. And, together with our partners in the Netherlands and abroad, we continue to research the effects of VRelax. This is how we continue to improve and renew VRelax. Numerous healthcare institutions have already started working with VRelax and this number is growing rapidly.

Benefits of Virtual Reality in Mental Health Care

The annual savings per patient using Virtual Reality is on average € 270,-. The number of face-to-face consultations can be reduced by up to three meetings annually and fewer prescriptions will be required. Moreover, patients on a waiting list can already start with VR therapy. Would you like to know more about the benefits of VR therapy in your workplace?

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