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The digitization of healthcare continues to advance. In institutions and at home, people use E-health to map their health or lifestyle or as support for coping with a disease. The use varies from tips to quit smoking to measuring the heart rate or help with psychological problems.

In addition to e-health, healthcare institutions also often use medical apps that help healthcare providers make diagnoses, monitor the burden of disease in patients and support treatments. The aim of E-health and medical software is often to improve the quality of patient care.

But how reliable are these apps and do they do their job well? Do they add value for users – clients, patients, care providers – and do they meet safety standards and guidelines within healthcare? There is a lot on offer and then you run the risk of not seeing the forest for the trees.

From May 26, 2021, the CE certification MDR (medical device regulation) of medical devices, including medical software, has therefore been made mandatory from Europe. CE marking shows that the medical device meets the European requirements for safety, health, environmental and consumer protection. Without this CE marking, a medical device may not be placed on the market or put into use. Not all users and healthcare institutions are aware of this.

VRelax is committed to providing secure software with special attention to guaranteeing privacy and safe use of our software. VRelax is CE-MDR certified and meets European standards for safe, reliable and user-friendly apps in healthcare. The VRelax apps are constantly being changed and updated. With the CE mark, VRelax shows that during development the supporting software always meets the requirements of the CE mark.

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