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Co-creation with clients

VRelax is continuously being improved and further developed in co-creation, together with end users within hospitals, GGZ and LVB. This joint validation with our partners is the cornerstone of our products. After all, this ensures that we guarantee a wide group of users that our product really meets the needs.

Our in-house production team ensures that new (interactive) content is regularly offered for both young and old. Our customers are therefore amazed at the quality and variety of unique virtual worlds. And that offer is growing every day!

Spatial audio provides an even stronger immersion in our worlds.

High-quality unique VR content specially produced with relaxation in mind.

User-friendly navigation and smooth app experience.

Interactive games, meditations, muscle and breathing exercises and singing bowl therapy.

Order the free demo!

Order the demo kit for free and experience what it's like to relax so easily. You can use our app without obligation for a period of 14 days. Seeing is believing! Convince yourself and your colleagues and experience VRelax for yourself.

“Experience the VRelax feeling with the best relaxation at your fingertips at any time”

Marieke Jongma, COO and healthcare professional at VRelax

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